Thursday, 26 August 2010

Kitsch and Stitch on Facebook

Well it's hardly a revelation; I've been on there personally for ages and the shop has been on for quite some time. It has taken a couple of kicks up the behind though for me to do anything about it...a bit like this blog :)

Like the blog, the fan page has sat for months with no activity and no setting up at all. A couple of weeks ago though I got a fan that wasn't me, anyone I knew or from round these parts. She was from York, which is a couple of hours drive away from me, and I have a sneaking suspicion that she added me by mistake, but hey-ho, I have a fan.

Today I had a fan page suggested to me by Kay from lilidrawspictures...funnily enough, that being the lilidrawspictures fan page on Facebook :) Of course I 'Liked' the page, Kay's work is equally as lovely and quirky as she is. The light bulb didn't go right on but the dimmer switch was certainly being messed with. At Craft Candy, we all want to be like Kay; she has 28 hours in her day, 9 days in her week, and can do anything she sets her mind to. I was feeling brave so I says to myself, I says 'Alison, you can be like Kay too!' I wasn't going to be too ambitious, one thing at a time you know, but this was what I needed to get me going.

My Facebook page now has stuff on it...hurrah! My blog now has a link to my Facebook page...hurrah! The house is the same mess that it was this morning, I've spent all day in my PJs and hubby is home in less than 3 hours....urmmmm...wellll....never mind :)

So if you're feeling in a charitable mood you could click on the little link on the right (just over there...yes, you've got it) and then treat yourself and go to Kay's lovely Facebook page and add her to throw some good karma her way.

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