Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Etsy Treasuries

Some weeks I get really lucky with Etsy treasuries. It's great to get an e-mail from someone saying that they liked your work enough to put it into their own personal mood board. With the introduction of Treasury East
and Treasury West it gives me more chances of receiving pick-me-ups like the ones I've had so far this week.

This adorable treasury features one of my favourite things, polka dots...and of course my The Circus Comes to Town Button Bracelet. It was the first of 3 convos this week and came from crazywilteddaisy.

My next delight came in the form if this delicious ensemble from CraftConfections and contained a Vintage Bloom Brooch. These are craft fair favourites but, I must admit, I didn't see the beauty in this particular brooch until I saw it alongside everyone else's beautiful creations. It reminded me that I can be daring with colour.

And finally came this elegant collection from onionbagel. You can see my Jellybean Bowl right there in the middle feeling oh so grown up in such tasteful surroundings.

Thanks for sharing the love Etsy!!!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Candy Floss

Now don't get too excited; two posts in one week are highly unlikely to happen again, and I may even use it as an excuse to not post next week :)

For those of you in the Sheffield area, the annual Candy Floss Fair will be taking place this Saturday at the Millennium Galleries in the city centre. I'll be on the welcome desk so come and say hello.

Hi there!

Well I've succumbed to the pressure. After being told for forever and a day that I should have a blog, and feeling at least a teeny bit guilty that I wasn't promoting my beloved Craft Candy online, I finally gave myself a shake, got online and tackled the mess that has been my 'work in progress' blog page for months...and months...and months. The plan is (as I know every good blogger should at least appear to have a plan) to drop in and say 'hi' every week and bore anyone who is daft enough to offense. So lets just hope I can keep it up and maybe have a handful of people come see me every now and again.

Week 1 post complete.....check.........